Fruit Trees
Pro Garden Supply Santa Barbara
Offering the Best Selection of Fruit Trees in Santa Barbara
Pro Garden Supply Santa Barbara
We have a Large Selection of Perennials
Pro Garden Supply Santa Barbara
We Sell More Bulk Mulch Than Anyone Else in Santa Barbara County
Pro Garden Supply Santa Barbara
We Have Everything You Need for Your Edible Garden
Pro Garden Supply Santa Barbara
Offering the Best Selection of Fruit Trees in Santa Barbara
Pro Garden Supply Santa Barbara
We Have A Beautiful Selection of Pottery
Indoor Plants
Pro Garden Supply Santa Barbara
We Have A Large Selection of Indoor Plants
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Your Local Santa Barbara Nursery & Garden Supply Store

Here at Pro Garden Supply we are open for all you gardening needs. We are able to accommodate any walk ins, drive throughs, phone orders, or deliveries.

For home owners, “do it your-selfers”, and professional landscapers and gardeners. Whether you are looking to add a few new plants to your yard or are in need of ideas and plants for a whole new landscape, we invite you to take a stroll through our beautiful, well-stocked outdoor nursery. Pro Garden Supply in Santa Barbara, CA offers  you a wide range of plant choices that will provide a variety of options for colors, shape and size. From evergreen to deciduous trees and shrubs to hardy ground covers, fruiting trees, shrubs and vines, Pro Garden Supply is the place to come for all of your gardening needs. Come talk to our staff, who will very gladly help you select the appropriate solution to whatever gardening issues you might have. There are many things that separate us from other local suppliers. Here are a few facts that we are quite proud of, here at Pro Garden Supply:

    • We have the largest & best selection of garden tools in the Santa Barbara, area.
    • We carry a full selection of all irrigation supplies for all your watering needs.
    • We sell more bulk soils and decorative bark and ground cover than anyone in the entire county. Our bulk materials are top-quality and we have 3 exclusive bulk materials.
    • We offer a comprehensive selection of all your organic gardening needs including but not limited to soils, fertilizers and pest control.
    • We have the best perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, citrus, cacti, succulents, herbs, veggies and bedding plants in Santa Barbara.
    • We have the fastest drive-thru service of garden supplies anywhere!
    • We always have sodas, doughnuts, coffee, and bottled water FREE for our thirsty and hungry hard-working customers.


We carry a full line of hand tools and garden supplies. Pro Garden Supply carries organic products for both weed prevention and weed killers in stock in our garden center. We’re happy to help you or answer any questions to make your selection easier, just ask!

Santa Barbara Bulk Gardening MulchBulk Mulch
Santa Barbara Citrus Trees for SaleFruit Trees
Santa Barbara Plant FertilizerFertilizers/Pest Control
Santa Barbara Garden ToolsGardening Tools
Santa Barbara Vegetable PlantsEdible Garden
Santa Barbara Irrigation SuppliesIrrigation Supplies
Santa Barbara Organic Gardening SuppliesOrganic Supplies
Santa Barbara PerennialsPerennials
Santa Barbara PotteryPottery
Santa Barbara Soil AmendmentsSoil Amendments
Santa Barbara Garden Supply Indoor PlantsIndoor Plants
Santa Barbara Garden Supply SeedsSeeds

We sell and have on hand more sod and mulch than all other vendors in Santa Barbara, County, combined!

Pathway Bark Santa Barbara, CA

Pathway Bark

50/50 Top Soil Santa Barbara

50/50 Topsoil

Redwood Compost Santa Barbara, CA

Redwood Compost


Santa Barbara Nursery | Pro Garden Supply

Our Santa Barbara Nursery has been around for over 20 years. It is a family-owned business that specializes in fruit trees, succulents, and more. The nursery is open all year round and has many different species of plants as well as a large selection of pots and decorative items.

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